Innovator’s Mindset

Great thoughts from an educator on the move!


I’m currently attending the PETE & C conference in Hershey, PA.  This conference deals with using technology in education to improve instruction.  Today’s keynote speaker (Tuesday 2/23)- George Couros was truly inspiring.

He shared several inspiring points three of which stand out to me as a teacher who is searching for innovation in my own classroom:

  1. Education should be a transformation- students should leave your class changed–their trajectory should be different than when they walked in.
  2. Grades do not tell the story of a child- there is so much more to the story.
  3. Controlling technology- like taking cell phones, and issuing consequences shows that we don’t trust our kids to be responsible and they know that.

Thank you George for changing my trajectory and giving me some inspiration to go back and work to change that of my students!

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