What Are You Writing?

At a recent English Department meeting, I shared my goals (as supervisor) with my teachers. I’m obligated to three goals for the department. One of these is for teachers to reflect, connect, and simply become a writer by starting a blog.  As English teachers we read often and deeply, but when it comes to writing, it’s not as consistent and dependable.  In order to teach and model writing as an important part of literacy, we need practice working our own way through the process. We often share what we’re reading as adults with kids, but this is not usually the case with writing.

I realize there are many more and perhaps richer ways to write than by blogging, and I certainly don’t want to discourage the emerging novelist or poet in our ranks.  This just seems to be an easy, informal way to step in the role of writer on a more consistent basis. Also, many teachers have their students blogging as part of class. At least in my case, writing along with my students has been and continues to be an enriching experience, not to mention the connections made through social media as we try to spread our learning.  My biggest challenge is to write on a consistent basis ; that’s the purpose of this post. For lack of a better term (forgive me Cliché Police), I need to put my money where my mouth is and get writing. My last post was almost six months ago and I guess if I want to encourage both students and colleagues, this is long overdue.

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I’m blessed to work with a great bunch of people who really want to get it right for kids. I see this as another step in that process. So fellow teachers of this high school English Department, the gauntlet is down (whatever that means): HAPPY BLOGGING!