ED Innovation is not about Technology

Technology is a tool, a vehicle that helps us build this revolution that’s necessary for the sake of our kids, and frankly, our profession. The revolution is about change and breaking away from old ways of doing things, especially the ways that are no longer effective (not that they ever were). When we talk about innovation in education, pictures of kids with laptops, i-Pads, and smartphones often come to mind. We also see teachers using a plethora of tech to bring new learning to kids and themselves. But, the real, substantial innovation is not in how we connect, it’s that we’re connecting now more than ever before. While edtech has allowed for the creation of such things as Twitter Chats, EdCamps, and other amazing gatherings, it’s the people, the relationships, the synergistic energy that is really fueling change.
I continue to stand amazed at the new friends, learning,and connections that I’ve made in such a long time. You are all awesome, and you help me lift my practice to places unimaginable. I’ve always believed that real change (the revolution) will come from the classroom and push it’s way out with great educators and leaders who disrupt the status quo and create new culture. I now know that while technology has expanded our sphere exponentially, it’s still the human relationships and welcomed infection of inspiration that comes from all of you that makes this revolution possible and real. So even in those dark times when the craziness of educational life starts to pull me down, I know that in an instant I can connect with the unmatched energy of my PLN, and find light. The technology tool is amazing because, like never before, it helps us capture the amazing energy of human innovation.