Being a “connected” educator means so much more…..

Being a “connected” educator means much more than hanging around Twitter Chats or other social media hunting for ideas and inspiration.
Connected means that somehow those relationships are helping you grow every day.
Today at #NJPAECET2, I realized the full power of connection with other teachers in this “connected” age. Years ago, if I was lucky, I’d go to a conference, make some friends and then slowly, but surely, lose touch. Because I lost touch, the energy and life of the learning was soon lost as well. Essentially, the conference and whatever I learned was a “one hit wonder.” Today, I connected in person with people I already know through social media; I got to put a face to ideas, and with the relationships strengthened, I eagerly look forward to seeing them again and again in the digital world. Reconnecting digitally helps remind me of what I learned in the first place and allows me to re-energize as I move forward, and this keeps the momentum and makes the experience continue and the learning worthwhile.